Upset Citizen really let me have it...

This concerned resident really let me have it and I appreciate how candid she was. We need more citizens willing to speak their mind. When I first read her email, I stayed calm and right away made the assumption she was thinking I was running for City Council. I sent her an email immediately and then when I had her number a few minutes later, I gave her a call. She went from extremely upset to saying after our 20 minute chat that she will be Voting Adam Hicks!

Here is her email, unedited:

"Dear sir.

I got your little pamphlet today and it made me furious.

1 cares for education

2 concerned about school division

3 improve communication from school board to public.

4. will listen

how the hell can anybody think that the only people that matter are those with school age kids.

you bloody well ignored more than half the population by ignoring the elderly , the low income and the disabled.

f you bloody well should be ashamed of yourself.

And you will not be getting my vote.

the nerve to put your top 3 issues regarding your own home is disgusting.



Here is my quick response and with a phone call, I won her vote after explaining my stance and background.

"Do you have a phone number I can contact you at?

I don't know if you realize but I am running for the School Board and not for city council.

As my focus is with the school board that is where my current interests are and how my information flyers reflected. I have door knocked for the past four weeks almost every single day and to my knowledge, am one of the only school board candidate that has talked with hundreds of people in our community, I have visited and talked with residents at 6 care homes in our area, been to every single school to talk with the principals, a majority of the teachers, and attended most of the SCC meetings. I am not only concerned now and willing to listen but will be that way for the next four years if elected. You ask any other candidate what efforts they are putting into listening to the community and you will see that I am the most engaged candidate you have to represent you and the property taxes that you pay to the education system.

I am sorry for this confusion and I wish we can chat in person tonight or on the phone."

#upsetcitizen #voteadamhicks

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