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Adam Hicks, Trustee

We all benefit from an educated society.

I care about our children receiving the best education possible and for that reason, I ran to be the Public School Board Trustee for Subdivision 3 in 2016.  It was a tough race with six qualified and well-educated citizens running for the position.  On October 26, 2016, I was happy to be elected with 41% of the vote


Thank you Regina for re-electing me on November 9 with 88% of the vote!


As a Trustee, I will represent your voice at the table.  I will focus on continuing the successful programs that are currently in place in our school division and I will seek areas in which improvements can be made.  I will work to have the Regina School Division operating at its highest capacity to best educate our students.

I am concerned about the long-term well-being of our school division.  I am dedicated to work with six other trustees to resolve issues, make decisions and create improvements where necessary.  Words are just that, words.  Take a look at only a fraction of the work that has been accomplished in four years by clicking here.  Imagine what another four will bring!


I believe in full transparency and effective communication.  I continue to focus on communicating why decisions are made and explain how other aspects of education are impacted by such decisions.  I am always available and open to discussions, meetings, and receiving feedback from each and every parent, student, staff, and community member.


I have had extensive training in management and working positively in a group environment.  I know how to be an effective member of a team and the importance of being able to show measurable results.  I graduated with distinction obtaining a bachelor of business administration in management as well as a certificate in economics from the University of Regina.  I have obtained my Certified Professional Management (CPA, CMA) designation and Project Management Professional (PMP) designation.  I continued my education by taking many training courses that would enhance my knowledge as a leader, including the PSGov Designation from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy.  My latest goal is to complete an ICD.D designation through the Institute of Corporate Directors to become a more knowledgable and effective Trustee at the Board Table.

My diverse career positions me to analyze problems from a range of perspectives.  More details on a resume are available on LinkedIn and my past involves owning and managing a local business for five years, various Board experiences including a Director on the Conexus Credit Union Board, and eight years with the Provincial Government.

My dedication to the community through volunteer work is a life of sacrifice to make Regina the best it can be.  An outline of some of my community work can be seen here.


I was born and raised in Lumsden, Saskatchewan with many weekends spent at the family farm near Bethune and later in life, living in Regina Beach for a summer.  Moving into Regina for University in 2003 was an amazing opportunity and I have called this city home since. 


I have two amazing children in french immersion, my daughter entering grade one and my son enters grade five this year.  As a single father in a co-parenting situation, I recognize how tricky life can get and has allowed me new perspectives into the hardships that many families face.  I am here to ensure our school system supports all families of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.



I will continue to be an active member of the Board seeking feedback, conducting research, devising plans and putting them into action.  My energy and motivation remain strong with a foundation of four years under my belt, there is nothing stopping what we as a community can accomplish together!

To contact me, please send me a message at the bottom of the webpage and I will get back to you promptly.   More information and regular updates are also available on the Facebook page and search for @AdamHicksRegina.

We all benefit from an educated society.

~ Adam Hicks, BBA, CPA, CMA, PMP, PSGov

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