Tyler Peters
Tyler Peters

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adam Hicks for seven years. We first met at Regina Ballroom Dance Club were he taught me as beginner student the skills to impress my then girlfriend Leia (now wife) and her mother Fran (now mother-in-law). Adam brought to the classroom intensity & passion for the sport to every class and made some the most complex steps to a beginner easy to understand.


It is with his superb communication skills and sincerity which brought not only myself, but others back to class every week because we believed Adam truly cared above our successful and our future in ballroom dancing.


Adam will be a great Trustee for the Regina Public School Board and the community should be privileged to have a man with his character and work ethic contributing to the success of our children.





I have known Adam personally for a few years now in a work capacity and a school capacity - in times of extreme stress, and through a personal tragedy (where my absence would negatively impact the work we were trying to complete) - two times where I believe people show their true colours. Through everything, Adam has been nothing but passionate, empowering, and committed.


He has a trail of successful change behind him at work, always hears out and considers opposing views, and I know that he will bring the same dedication with him to this position.


I can think of no better person for the job.


Karmyn Richter
Brian Williams


I have had the pleasure of working with Adam in a professional capacity.


He is hard working, passionate about his beliefs and is an "outside the box" thinker with great ideas.


He will make an excellent public school board trustee. I will be voting for Adam on October 26th.


Latasha McMullen

Adam's been intelligent, hardworking, genuine and kind since I first met him when we were in grade one. I fully support him and know he'll do an excellent job representing you as a school board trustee.


Vote for Adam!



Shawn Krahenbil

Adam is a hardworking devoted father who has a passion for his community and that shines through with everything he does. He wants to be involved and make change, but change for the better.


I have known Adam long enough to know he is a real difference maker in all he does. Good luck on your quest to sit as a Trustee of the Regina Public School Board.


I know you will do a tremendous job.



Anita Robinson


Adam Hicks has done more research and learning and he has passed that information on to the public.


I have learned so much from watching his videos!


He has my vote!


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Adam Hicks, Chairperson

Regina Public School Board

Trustee for Subdivision Three

Cell:  306-539-5226


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